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This website was created to provide custom website/software application and administrative services to various businesses and organizations of all sizes. We have expanded our website services by offering predefined information technology products to our customers.

Software Development, Administrative and Staffing Services

Our Software Engineers have many years of experience in the IT industry with application development and web technology experience from working on multiple projects. We develop and integrate applications using a variety of programming languages. Consequently, we’re capable of providing custom software solutions, enhancements and resolutions from errors/bugs in your software/website applications. Learn more

Although we offer onsite services, we now offer virtual/remote services in custom software application development/support, project management and administrative services. We provide consulting and tutoring services for you using current software information technologies and office administration application software. For information/administrative technologies not currently used at Shopuverse, we will find the resource expertise you request, via our consulting or staffing placement services Learn more. Our staffing placement services will help you acquire the right candidate for your job vacancy.


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Affiliate Disclosure

We are also an affiliate marketing website with links to online retailers categorized in alphabetical order on our website. When people read what we’ve written about a particular product or service, click on those links and buy from the retailer, we earn a commission from the retailer. This does not influence or affect reviews and content of retailer products and services on our website, which we obtain legitimately from retailers advertisement and/or their website content. Our mission is to always provide fair and reliable comparison shopping of retailers to our website users.

Optimal Service

We know you have choices so we’re here to give you the best possible service, because ultimately we want you to be a happy customer. Hence, we adopt a stringent process of development and testing of all custom software developed, modified or upgraded to remove/prevent any potential errors during development and normal use. We also use a strict predetermined process of selecting highest quality information technology products and services for you. Our goal is to offer optimal leading edge high tech products, software, administrative and staffing services that meet and exceed your expectations.


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Due to the adverse effects on the economy from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses have implemented remote services where possible. Consequently, we now offer more services remotely. Contact us if you need our assistance with business software and/or administration, consulting, tutoring or staffing placement services. Please follow the guidelines and recommendations from our medical professionals so we can protect ourselves and others. The more we follow these recommended guidelines, the faster we’ll get rid of this virus and return to our normal way of life. For further information and updates about COVID-19, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



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Keep abreast of updates on information technology by getting the latest daily Computer, Internet and Technology News.


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Finding a specific word or phrase on a webpage with lots of text, can be awkward without using available tech help features. Here we provide some helpful instructions when performing webpage search.

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