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This page was created to give recognition of all resources that helped us, to create an appealing and user friendly website.


Images, Photos, Icons and Logos

Here we provide image, photo, icon and logo resources from various websites. Remember to check their license from respective websites, not all are free and some free licenses have conditions of use.

  • Images by geralt from Pixabay
    • Blog Internet Space Universe Globe
    • Consulting Training Learn Knowledge
    • News Newspaper Globe Read Paper
    • Office Business Businessmen (Project Management)
    • Icon Magnifying Glass Hand
    • Partnership Connectedness Personal (Staffing Placements)
    • Update
  • Images by Pixaline from Pixabay
    • Office Windows Word Excel (modified by our team)
    • Support Help Hotline Headset
  • Other Images from Pixabay
    • Contact Us Icon Contact Web Image by ZIPNON
    • Isolated Devops Business (Development, Testing and Production) Image by PCB-Tech
    • News Newspaper Globe Read Paper Image by Tumisu
    • Recruitment Opportunity Employment Image by mohamed Hassan
    • Subscribe Button Icon Glass Image by Peter Lomas
    • WordPress Development (Software Information Technologies) Image by rosygown
    • WordPress Joomla Drupal Bootstrap (Software Information Technologies) Image by Fauno
  • Photo from Agama
    • header image (slide 1)
  • Photo from picjumbo
    • Business Brainstorming Between Man and Woman in the Office photo by Viktor Hanacek
  • Email icon from Icon Shop

  • Phone icon made by Freepik from flaticon

  • Logos from prominent online merchants selling other services on our website



    Tech News widget from PressRelease


    We are grateful and thankful for these accessible and available resources.