Software and Administrative Services

We offer reliable and proficient software application development, project management, administrative, consulting, tutoring and employment services to various businesses and organizations.


Application Software Development and Support

We develop dynamic software applications and websites for commercial, personal and non-profit organizations. Applications software are developed via graphical user interface or command-line interface as required from your functional specification. We also automate processes, by reducing paperwork and human procedures where appropriate, to improve process efficiency and productivity via custom software applications.

These customized software solutions are developed from various programming languages, web content and database management systems, responsive/mobile web development, search engine optimization, operating systems and digital assets from currently used information technologies.

We will always give you design options, stating the pros and cons of each design approach for your project after thoroughly investigating preliminary requirements before starting the project. Providing this information will help you better understand the process, so you can make the best design option that meets your organization needs.

Whether or not we developed your software application, we will support changes, upgrades, migrations or enhancements to your application, at your request.


Development, Testing and Production

It’s recommended that a new software be tested for any bugs (errors) before normal use. Software applications are always thoroughly tested at our site before we release it to our client. We’ll integrate software systems where necessary, perform complete functional testing of custom software to ensure full functionality according to specified requirements.

Robust and reliable software applications need a structured development process.


Hence, we use the following procedure for software development:

  1. Analyze the problem (business requirement)
  2. Gather requirements for proposed business solution
  3. Design the software-based solution
  4. Develop custom software application
  5. Test software
  6. Deploy (implement) software
  7. Fix errors (if exist)


Software Information Technologies

Currently, we develop, enhance and integrate software solutions for businesses with the following information technologies (enterprise/open-source):

  • Application Software Development
    • Create customized application to perform specific tasks for an end-user or business.
  • Automation Testing
    • Create effective test cases to better develop, enhance and manage your website/application.
  • Cloud Computing (Serverless)
    • Configure network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process your data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)
    • Customize software to define, manipulate, retrieve and manage data in a database.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Improve your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches on various search engines.
  • Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)
    • Customize software that helps users create, manage and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge.
  • Website Design and Development (Responsive/Mobile)
    • Design and create websites for various computing devices (desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones).
We update our information technology expertise periodically. Hence, visit our site occasionally to see new updates or contact us when you are ready to develop a new or enhance an existing application. For information technologies not currently used at Shopuverse, we will find the resource expertise you request, via our consulting or staffing placement services. Learn more

Project Management

Let us help you manage your projects by establishing and monitoring master project plans and coordination of resources. We’ll provide the leadership role to the project team to achieve agreed upon project goals. Manage all project-level activities from inception to deployment, changes to project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques.

Office Administration and Support

Professional and reliable administrative support for your office. Our Administrative Specialists have advance skills in the following applications to help your business with office admininistrative support tasks:

  • Microsoft Word to create professional documents
  • Microsoft Excel to create dynamic spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint to create wonderful presentations
  • Microsoft Outlook to manage emails, meetings, appointments …
  • SharePoint to create, store and organize documents
For administrative technologies not currently used at Shopuverse, we will find the resource expertise you request, via our consulting or staffing placement services below.


Consulting and Tutoring

We offer consulting services to businesses and tutoring services to professionals and students. Our software consultants are ready to help your company with custom software application from design, development to production. Our Administrative specialists will help you simplify and manage your office tasks. We provide our consultants with policies and procedures to help them adhere to workplace ethics, values and rules.


Employment Solutions

We have employment services to fill onsite/remote vacant job opportunities, such as staffing placement services for employers and job candidate services for job seekers.


Staffing Placements

We will help your company fill a position whether contract, contract to hire, part-time, full-time or permanent placements. We have access to social media and network marketing which gives us access to a diverse range of talents in the workforce. Consequently, we have the resources to get the right candidates for you to screen, interview and fill your company’s job vacancy.



We’re always searching for talented candidates such as software developers/engineers, project managers, business analysts and administrative specialists. We keep updated resumes in our database, whether we placed you on a job or you’re seeking a new job opportunity. Email resume to, we’ll help you find your dream job.



Our support services include software development, project management, administrative, consulting and staffing placement. We provide support to changes, upgrades or enhancements to custom software applications. Whether your company needs a software developer or administrative specialist for a specific project, we will help to fill your company’s vacancy via our consulting or staffng placement services.



Our pricing information with careful planning is determined by the complexity, duration and current comparable market rate/value of project. Regardless of the project option chosen by client from preliminary business analysis, our goal is to simplify business processes while achieving maximum efficiency with less cost where applicable, without critically sacrificing functionality and quality of project.


Other Services

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Website Hosting

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We update our services periodically, so please visit our site to see our new and updated software administrative solutions. Website updates and other special promotions are also accessible via our special offers page.

If you need more information about our services, please contact us promptly.