Updates and Special Offers

Shopuverse is now offering automation testing, our latest addition to software services. Support services are optional which includes software development, project management, administrative, consulting and staffing placement services. We also offer these services remotely. We will keep you informed of new updates and special promotions. Here we provide current updates, referral incentives, discounts and savings from our services.

Staffing Placements

We offer a referral incentive $500 for every referral placed in a job vacancy by Shopuverse whether staffing placement is contract, part time or full time. The successful job applicant should work for at least 3 months full time/contract or 500 hours part time.


Our tutor referral program also provides a referral incentive of $100, provided that the student has at least 60 hours of tutoring sessions.

If you need more information about our updates and special offers, please contact us.