Privacy Policy

Please read the following privacy policy before using Shopuverse website. We don’t gather any personal information from you. Even if we learn personal information about you (such as your e-mail address, if you write to us), we won’t share that information with anyone else. We won’t “spam” you with e-mail sales pitches, either.



Site Tracking

We have a simple web statistics package that tracks how many times each page is visited. With that information, we can adjust the content or links on the site to improve the user experience. When you visit a page, information is logged that contains your domain name (, for example), date, time, and pages visited. There is no personally identifiable information. In addition, this information will never be transferred or sold to anyone.



External Links

If you use the external links of our related pages, you will be leaving our site and we can no longer maintain this high level of privacy we maintain on our site. Shopuverse strives to offer the highest quality services and software, but we are not liable for any damage caused by any third party or others we have no control of or direction.

Please note that this privacy policy applies to website. All sites linked to and from this site have their own privacy policies. Always check the privacy policies on each site you visit.

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If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our privacy policies, please contact us.