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Monitor Website

Free Website Uptime Monitoring Tool

Hello My Fellow bloggers, Notified offers no accounts to manage, no apps, no profiles - just simple e-mail notifications informing...
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News Technology

Innovative TV Channel Making A Difference

Hello My Fellow bloggers, A global television channel is making waves in the content space as a source of hope...
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Microsoft Video

Create Animated Explainer Videos within Microsoft Teams via simpleshow Video Maker

Hello My Fellow bloggers, This video maker integration enables users to create professional explainer videos directly from the Teams interface...
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Cable USB

Foldable Magnet Charging Cable

Hello My Fellow bloggers,The FOLDV cable can help you free yourself from untangling your smart devices such as smartphone charging...
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Computer Optimization

MyCleanPC helping workers be more productive

Hello My Fellow bloggers, Due the current global pandemic, a lot of people worldwide have found it safer to work...
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One Stop App for Reopening

Hello My Fellow bloggers, Avid Systems, launched the Modern Workspace platform, a one-stop solution for safely navigating COVID-19 while maintaining...
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Anti-theft Laptop

Laptop Theft Detection Solution

Hello My Fellow bloggers, HansCreative a Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center jointly run by MSIT and NIPA, will be...
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Event Planning Virtual

Virtual Event Planning Tools

Hello My Fellow bloggers, ExhibitDay, Inc. recently release of its Virtual Event Planning toolkit in response to the COVID-19 pandemic...
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Editor Video

Powerful and Simple Video Editor

Hello My Fellow bloggers, EaseUS recently launched Video Editor allows users to easily share emotions through videos. You can make...
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Design Home Real Estate

Free App Gives Amateurs to Pros the Product Management Tools Needed in Any Home Design

Hello my fellow bloggers, What are your thoughts about this app that serves as a key product management organizer for...
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Freelance Marketing

TOP (The Online Publishers) Offers Freelancers an Opportunity to Make Money Online

Hello my fellow bloggers, What are your thoughts about The Online Publishers LLC offering a way to make money online...
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