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Hello My Fellow bloggers, This video maker integration enables users to create professional explainer videos directly from the Teams interface and share them with team members. In addition to various options for use in the corporate environment, the video maker’s free Classroom offer is aimed at educational institutions. Let us know your thoughts about this great IT solution. For more information, visit simpleshow Thank You, Admin

Foldable Magnet Charging Cable

Posted by admin on  12th September 2020
Category: Technology
Hello My Fellow bloggers,The FOLDV cable can help you free yourself from untangling your smart devices such as smartphone charging cable. This cable keeps itself in a neat, tidy and folded state by using a magnet force which is generated by neodymium magnets in gold caps. The cable is able to be stretched easily and smoothly and adjusted freely with a length you want. The FOLDV cable supports micro USB and USB C type and

MyCleanPC helping workers be more productive

Posted by admin on  27th July 2020
Category: Technology
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Hello My Fellow bloggers, Due the current global pandemic, a lot of people worldwide have found it safer to work from home. The fact that working from your residence requires a fully operational computer makes it difficult for most workers. The MyCleanPC app can help you clean the unwanted files and junk from your PC while boosting the speed. Another great solution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us know your thoughts about this
Hello My Fellow bloggers, Avid Systems, launched the Modern Workspace platform, a one-stop solution for safely navigating COVID-19 while maintaining a comfortable & healthy workspace. I believe this is a great solution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us know your thoughts about this solution with regards to exploring more flexible working environments.. For more information, visit Modern Workspace Thank You, Admin
Hello My Fellow bloggers, HansCreative a Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center jointly run by MSIT and NIPA, will be launching the user location-based anti-theft IoT security solution Green Lock AT in June. Green Lock AT can prevent theft, piracy, and information leakage from the computer only with the software of the PC app and the mobile app. Another great technology solution. Let us know your thoughts about this solution in comparison with other laptop

Virtual Event Planning Tools

Posted by admin on  6th June 2020
Category: Technology
Hello My Fellow bloggers, ExhibitDay, Inc. recently release of its Virtual Event Planning toolkit in response to the COVID-19 pandemic because there has been a shift from in-person trade shows to virtual events. ExhibitDay’s virtual productivity tools facilitate this shift for event planners, conference sponsors, and event teams. Free and premium versions available. I like having this option to plan virtual events. Another great leap in advancing technology. Share your thoughts with us about your
Hello My Fellow bloggers, EaseUS recently launched Video Editor allows users to easily share emotions through videos. You can make memorable videos, clips and movies for weddings, birthdays, vacations, instructions, etc … Personally this is great, I like having more control and flexibility creating videos for any occasion. Once again a great leap in advancing technology. Share your thoughts with us about your experience and knowledge on video software. For more information, visit EaseUS Video
Hello my fellow bloggers, What are your thoughts about this app that serves as a key product management organizer for anyone involved in home design from new construction or a home remodel will appreciate the hyve app. It seems like a good way to change or design your home, rather than wait for or rely on expert opinion in the real estate industry. I would like to get other views, opinions and if possible, actual
Hello my fellow bloggers, What are your thoughts about The Online Publishers LLC offering a way to make money online via a variety of services from companies or individuals to new clients registering on their website. It seems like a good way to connect customers and businesses. I’m still on the fence about embarking on this journey with my business until I get other views, opinions and if possible, actual experience with TOP from client

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